What is Tempo

What is TEMPO?
When it comes to golf, TEMPO is the rhythm and smoothness in a golf swing.

What does TEMPO do for your golf swing?
If you have REAL TEMPO in your golf swing:

  • With TEMPO our swing will become smooth and rhythmic
  • Drives will be longer and more accurate.
  • Improved concentration and fewer
  • Your mind and body will unite.
  • Your golf swing and your entire game will improve dramatically.
  • Lower and more consistent scores.

How do I learn TEMPO?
You get TEMPO simply by using the TEMPO FORMULA.

The TEMPO FORMULA is the method you use to put rhythm and smoothness in your swing.

Who is Mr. Tempo?
John Michael Saraceno is “Mr. Tempo”. He is the author of the book, “TEMPO… HEARTBEAT of the GOLF SWING”, and a
well-qualified golf instructor.


How do I learn the TEMPO FORMULA?

  1. Buy, read, and execute the instructions in the book, “TEMPO… HEARTBEAT of the GOLF SWING”. This is a very short and complete book on TEMPO and is a tremendous value. This is the least expensive way to learn TEMPO.

TEMPO…Heartbeat of the Golf Swing”

The most definitive work on TEMPO!
The book describes a quick, simple, systematic, step by step method to add tempo to your golf swing!
The book is short and sweet, and can be read and put to practice in no time at all. 
The special price of this book is only $19.95. It’s downloadable and in your hands in no time at all. The original price was $29.95.
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