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“I was completely frustrated, and had given up on golf. John’s 1,2,3,4, tempo method gave me a game. Friends and fellow golfers were astounded at how quickly and consistently I improved. To this day, I use the 1,2,3,4, tempo method for EVERY shot”.
Erika Bianchi, Educator, Tech Editor, Student

“John’s TEMPO method is easily understood and can be applied by juniors as well as adults”.
Terry Felty, PGA, Owner Big Sticks Golf Academy

“This book provides a solution for so many of us who complicate the game by trying to apply all the acquired tips, training and teaching about playing golf”. John’s solution is as easy as 1,2,3,4!”
Dr. David Marini, Chiropractor, Drummer, Golfer

“I am more fortunate then most because you taught me about “TEMPO” many years ago and I use it with every golf swing. Those that read this book and apply the gift of tempo will see their golf game improve dramatically”. Thanks for all the golf lessons”.
Robert Saraceno, Businessman, Brother, Golfer

“John’s book is a real enhancement to the PGA courses in the PGM program. After reading it, I went out to play a few holes and just focused on counting out the tempo. Lots of good stuff in there!”
Steve Caruso, Bishop Fenwick Graduate, Coastal Carolina U. and PGM student

“A quality book pro…you did a really nice job putting it together – simple, creative, easy to read and put to use. I like how it directs the golfer to immediate improvement on the golf course. Keep up the excellent strides in growing as a golf educator…Bravo!”
Jerry King, Director, Guest Relations, PGA Director of Instruction, Kapalua Land Co. Ltd.

“My last round was an 88. I read John’s book and shot an 82. I read it 2 more times to be sure I didn’t miss anything and shot 76…Amazing!”
Yat Voong, Businessman, Golfer

“I was stuck in a golfers’ nightmare! I was always practicing, but never scoring. Then I met John, and his Tempo 1,2,3,4 method. My goal was to be able to score and win against the other players in my foursome…Goal accomplished! I am a firm believer in his system, and until someone proves him wrong, you will find me counting to myself on a course near you! Thank you John!”
Allan D. Broome, Operations Manger Harvard University, Golfer and Student

“At age 45 I decided to take up golf. The first time I hit a golf ball I was hooked on the game. I learned to hit the ball with brute strength and little technique that is until I met John the “Swing Guru”. John’s methodology and belief in tempo as a foundation of a solid swing has turned this 53 year old into a pretty good player. My rounds are now in the low 80’s and an occasional round in the 70’s. Today I have a solid foundation to fall back on, 1 target) 2 front of ball) 3 top of back swing) 4 back to the target). Thank you John you are the best!”
Bruce Hagopian, Business Owner, Golfer and Student

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